Ceramic events require a minimum of 10 painters. Ceramic pieces pictured above are based on popularity and are subject to the availability from our suppliers. They are also used as a guide, and we are happy to accommodate changes of equal or lessor value, if we have enough notice to order what is not in stock.  Reserved parties are based on head count of painters and pieces requested.  Once a party deposit is received and your party date is confirmed, orders for ceramic pieces are filled and confirmed. We are happy to accommodate that last minute party reservation or ceramic change if we have what you need for ceramic pieces in stock. Last minute changes are not guaranteed and special orders cannot be filled without at least two weeks notice. Reservation deposit is non-refundable.  With a 48 hour notice of cancellation a deposit can be transferrable to a different date.  Subject to availability.  


Package A$15.00 per painter​


Small Plate 



For our youngest artist, these smallest ceramic pieces are both fun and manageable for little hands and gives   kids just enough paintable surface to satisfy the busy little party goer. Recommended age 5 and up.


Need a special birthday plate for your birthday child, friend or partner?  We can help add those finishing   touches to your special event, with an additional birthday plate for the birthday boy or girl. We have some great ideas or we welcome what you have in mind.  This add-on can be partnered with a reserved birthday party or other special event.  Additionally, if you need more ceramic pieces than you have painters, we can add- on additional extra pieces to any event that has been reserved. Reserved party of 10 or more painters for add-on   extras.​ Prices based on piece and/or design work selected.

Package B$20.00 per painter

Cereal Bowl  



Dinner Plate 

For the older child with more motor skill and ability, this package option allows more surface for creative ideas and room to express their artistic style. Recommended age 10 and up.

Package C$25.00 - $35.00 per painter

Serving Bowl  

Large Plates/Chargers

Serving Platters


For the young adult/adult looking for a ceramic canvas to create that special piece.  Lots of open space to create   and experiment with glazes.  This option is perfect for the ceramic painter looking to create a custom dinner         place setting, perfect for bridal shower, hand painted gifts that will impress at the next potluck. This is a great option for sipping wine and painting at a ladies' night out! Recommended age 16 and up.