Geodesic Quarantine Dome

These are challenging times, Yes?
For us, school-at-home is relaxed, fun, and exploratory.  No pressure to do anything except to stay healthy, learn from this unique experience and stay positive.   We are doing a little “school” but mostly we devote each day to spending time together.  We are planting seeds, growing food, caring for our chickens (they give us eggs!) and finding ways to keep busy.

We have plenty time and with a few extra supplies we can incorporate an entire school day of learning into a fun family project. We are planning to build this dome to practice and sharpen our school-at-home skills.

When finished each panel will be treated as a canvas for art application and we hope to incorporate skylights and LED lights for lighting the interior to make a cozy reading space. 

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math; this will be a true STEAM project! During construction a discussion on how many early civilizations with isolation and very little materials had to construct shelter and sustenance for survival.  What influenced their design? What materials were available then and now? Then, fast forward to the future and imagine your geodesic dome on Mars!

If you build one, share your design and photos with us!  The original "instructable" can be found here:

Many Google searches can give you extra ideas and construction advice.

Have fun and stay healthy!

Cidalia, Ian and Emma

Photo credit: